Language I/O Named Fastest Growing Company in Wyoming

Sometimes all you expect in a week is a little turkey and pumpkin pie and instead you get named the fastest growing company in Wyoming! Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Wyoming Business Report ranked the fastest growing companies in the state based on revenue and Language I/O ended up in the No. 1 slot.

“We tried to downplay this a little bit when we first heard we were going to be ranked No. 1, but it’s pretty exciting,” said Language I/O Co-Founder Heather Morgan Shoemaker. “We started Language I/O in 2012 to fill a need in the localization industry. After working in the industry for years, we saw that all available solutions lacked a combination of quality machine and human translations. In five years, we’ve not only created a multilingual customer support solution to fill that gap, but we’ve also grown to the point that we’re now the fastest growing company in Wyoming.”

Language I/O’s three-year revenue growth increased by 300 percent. The No. 2 ranked company, Blacktooth Brewing, saw a three-year revenue growth of 190.9 percent.

“Sometimes it takes a comparison like this to fully understand how much things have changed over such a short period of time,” said Language I/O Co-Founder, Kaarina Kvaavik. “Heather and I never set out to outrank Wyoming’s top companies, we simply wanted to provide a solution for businesses that would allow them to talk to any customer in any language, at any time over any communication channel without having to add support staff.”

Each of Language I/O’s three solutions does just that. Using chat translation, article translation, and email translation, Language I/O gives its customers the ability to save money on support costs while also increasing customer service agents’ ability to respond to non-English speaking customers. Language I/O often saves customers like LinkedIn, Hasbro and iRobot more than 40 percent on customer support costs. 

“The Wyoming Business Report, as the only statewide newspaper, has its pulse on often overlooked sectors of the Wyoming economy including start-ups and women-owned businesses,” said Wyoming Business Report Editor MJ Clark. “The 2017 list of Fastest Growing Companies captures the diversity of the state from Language I/O and a local microbrewery to more traditional established sectors of the economy like law and manufacturing.  Particularly noteworthy this year is that for the first time, a woman-owned company was ranked No. 1 on the Fastest Growing list.”

The Wyoming Business Report ranking also considered employee growth. Over three years, Language I/O employee growth has increased by 300 percent. The majority of the other ranked companies saw employee growth of less than forty percent over three years.

“In 2017 alone, we’ve tripled revenue, added staff, launched our chat product, and added some major international clients,” Morgan Shoemaker said. “I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.”

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