Multilingual Customer Service: Do More With Less

What’s better, two or two hundred?

Depends on what you’re talking about. If we’re talking ants at a picnic, two is better. If we’re talking lotto millions, we’ll take two hundred. But what if you’re talking multilingual customer support? In that case, you can have your cake and eat it, too. 

When SurveyMonkey started working with Language I/O, exectives there wanted to expand the number of languages their customer service agents could handle without vastly expanding their customer service staff base. They wanted to pay less while providing more. 

By using our product suite, SurveyMonkey was able to provide support in 13 languages using only two customers service support staff. We helped them do more with less.

“It’s helped us keep our team small and manageable because it’s easy to use and easy to implement,” said SurveyMonkey’s Colby Parrott about Language I/O. “Today, only two people are needed to handle all of our languages.”

Our product suite provides article translations that, theoretically, can translate your company’s content into hundreds of languages. Once you give customers a reliable, accurate way to help themselves, who’s to say if you’ll ever have to choose between two and 200?

We can help you satisfy your multilingual customer base while also saving you money.