Multilingual Customer Service Tech Company Welcomes New Cadre of Staff

Keeping up with rapid growth isn’t easy, but it’s fun and it brings new talent to multilingual customer service company, Language I/O. Talent like Viviana Bertinetto, Matt Cook and Alanna Larson, a trio we recently welcomed to our team.

Viviana is our new project manager. Matt and Alanna are developers. Here’s a little insight into the new team that will help improve and grow our software and client base.

Viviana Bertinetto

Like many of us here at LIO, Viviana, who is Italian, is a travel fanatic.

Before joining LIO, Viviana worked at language solution company, Welocalize, as a supply chain and quality manager. Before joining Welocalize, Viviana was a translation technology manager.

“Working with language, translation and tech is second nature to me,” said Viviana, who speaks Italian, English and Spanish. 

Viviana has taken over some of our existing projects while she gets to know our clients. She’s also learning XTM, a tool that we use for translation. 

“The fact that LIO is owned by women is very inspiring for me because my mother is an entrepreneur herself,” Viviana said. “She owns her own real estate agency, so I’ve always had that type of example to look up to. I think working at another women-owned company is very exciting and inspiring – especially in technology. I know strides are being made for women in this field, but it’s always exciting to see women succeeding and creating something very unique, which Language I/O’s products definitely are.”

Viviana said she was surprised that even though LIO is smaller than Welocalize, our technology is better.

“Coming from a larger translation agency, it’s almost like, ‘oh wow, we can actually do this faster’,” Viviana said. “It’s one of those things that makes you wonder. Language I/O’s products help our clients tremendously, and there’s great potential to bring them to even more clients.”

Matt Cook 

Matt came to Wyoming from Oregon when the University of Wyoming (UW) offered him a swimming scholarship. Matt’s a middle-distance freestyle backstroke kind of guy although now that he’s graduated, he swims to stay in shape, not for competition. 

College wasn’t Matt’s first foray into the wild winds of Wyoming. His grandparents lived in Hot Springs County, Wyoming, which he visited several times when he was young. Although Matt started out as a mechanical engineering student, he gravitated toward software development because it allowed for more creativity than engineering. 

Before joining LIO, Matt interned for Wyoming EPSCoR designing curriculum to teach middle school-aged Girl Scouts to code. 

“I also ran the camps during the summer,” Matt said. “It went pretty well. The Girl Scouts loved it and want to do it again next summer.”

Alanna Larson

Alanna and Matt take a party hat break.

Also a UW graduate, Alanna hails from Minnesota. Alanna came to us via UW’s Department of Computer Science and its Industrial Affiliates (IA) program.

When she isn’t coding, Alanna and her camper explore the wilds of Wyoming. Alanna was one of few people who viewed the complete solar eclipse and the Path of Totality from an isolated part of Medicine Bow National Forest. 

Alanna interned for us before officially joining the team.

“It’s inspiring to work for a company owned by women,” Alanna said. “There’s not many women in computer science especially not ones who are entrepreneurial. It’s nice to see that.”

Collectively, Matt and Alanna work with both the Oracle and Salesforce plugins for Language I/O Chat and Language I/O Response. We scooped both up right after graduation and appreciate their efforts at mastering the Ukulele (Matt) and guitar (Alanna).