Multilingual Customer Support Tech Co Expands, Moves Into New HQ

February 1, the Language I/O team left its Cheyenne, Wyoming headquarters for a larger co-working space in Cheyenne’s Majestic Building, which is a former theater turned office and co-working space.

“We’re growing even more quickly than we anticipated, which is fantastic because we’ve set the bar high,” said Language I/O Co-Founder Heather Morgan-Shoemaker. “Within the last three years we have increased revenue by 300 percent. Not only have we achieve substantial growth, but we’ve also doubled our employee base and added huge international companies to our client list.”

The new space – The Second Floor – gives Language I/O a large suite of dedicated offices as well as the option to co-work with adjoining companies, some of which are also in the tech space.

“We weren’t planning a move for Feb. 1, but we keep growing, this phenomenal opportunity came along and we simply couldn’t pass it up,” Morgan-Shoemaker said. “The Second Floor gives us more space to expand into as we continue to grow, which we will do this year. Knowing that our outstanding development team has a supportive, inspiring workspace is important to us as they continue launching products and add-ons that are unique to our platform.”

One of many intriguing things about the multilingual customer support software development company is its location. Wyoming isn’t a likely choice for a software development company that supports giant multinationals, however, Wyoming has its advantages. For starters, it allows Language I/O to stand out and serve as a leader in the tech space. Wyoming is one of the most business-friendly states in the country and has significant financial advantages for startups. Language I/O is often a go-to tech story for Wyoming publications looking to attract young, smart, global companies to the region. It also allows Language I/O to attract and keep top talent. 

Our software junkies love Wyoming. They love the outdoors, they love doing crazy things like taking off in a camper and seeing the countryside and they couldn’t do those things as easily on the coasts. Our HQ is also 20 minutes from Vedauwoo National Park, the internationally renowned “mecca of fat crack” rock climbing.

Morgan-Shoemaker and several of her team spend as much of their summer as possible taking advantage of the great rock climbing at Vedauwoo. “This location is perfect for us,” Morgan-Shoemaker said. 

Language I/O’s new address is 1603 Capitol Ave., Suite #211, Cheyenne WY 82001.

Language I/O provides software that uses a unique combination of human and machine translation to automate the translation of customer support content such as FAQs, emails and chat within CRMs such as Oracle, Salesforce and Zendesk. Language I/O’s products make monolingual customer support teams multilingual so every customer support team can talk to their customers in any language, over any channel. Language I/O’s omnichannel support solution reduces customer support costs while easing frustrations for agents and customers, paving the way for a seamless and high-quality customer experience.