PhotoBox: We’ve Never Found a Company that Offers what Language I/O Offers

PhotoBox is Europe’s leading personalization brand helping more than 20 million customers in 15 markets capture, preserve and share their memories together. When you’re serving that many customers in that many markets, translation quickly becomes an in issue. In 2014, after participating in a Language I/O webinar, PhotoBox’s customer team decided to give Language I/O a try as its personal professional human and machine translator.

“Our original need was to provide some flexibly with European languages outside of English,” said a PhotoBox representative. “We thought we’d have to hire an agent that could do multiple languages—Italian, Dutch, Swedish—at a time especially during the holidays when we are our busiest, but with Language I/O, we didn’t have to hire any additional agents to provide this flexibility.”

PhotoBox started using the Language I/O Incident Workspace plugin for Oracle Service Cloud to service non-English speaking clients and ended up loving the tool. 

According to PhotoBox, “The email tool is really simple to use. We’ve never seen any problems with it. We’ve even done internal audits to test the translations and they’re wonderful.”

Now, PhotoBox has added Language I/O Chat to its arsenal so its monolingual agents can chat with customers in any language in real time. Gallimore said the need for chat translation is so great that it may surpass PhotoBox’s need for email translation.

One feature that Gallimore said is particularly useful is Language I/O’s ability to create company and industry specific glossaries. Gallimore and his team create a list of words and phrases that do not automatically translate but are imperative to PhotoBox’s brand, and Language I/O trains the machine translation tools to recognize these words and phrases so they aren’t mistranslated.

Language I/O’s security mechanisms, which are top notch, also appealed to PhotoBox, a UK-based company that is governed by the laws of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

Of course through the years, PhotoBox does its due diligence with all of its vendors, comparing Language I/O’s translation quality, software suite options and work culture to its competitors.

“Our best practices say we need to look at who else is in the market with every single one of our vendors. We’ve spoken to a few companies and never found anyone who offers what Language I/O offers. And, in all honesty, the relationships that we’ve built with Lucia and Kaarina underpins our journey. They really understand our business and they’re really easy to work with. Their approach is very business friendly and the relationships is definitely a partnership. They never try to sell us anything that wouldn’t be of use to us.”