Save Money on Support Costs with New Chat Translation Software

New software, Language I/O® Chat, allows companies to speak to customers in any language over chat saving on support costs and service time. 

Software company Language I/O, recently released LanguageI/O® Chat, a tool that allows companies to provide real-time, multilingual customer service chat support inside several major platforms including Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud. By adding chat translation tools to its product suite, Language I/O now has the market’s most comprehensive multilingual customer support tool. 

The Language I/O® product suite works within both the Oracle and Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This CMS integration enables companies to provide customer support in any language over ANY support channel without being forced to hire native-speaking agents. Using a hybrid of machine and human translation services, LanguageI/O® let’s monolingual agents provide support in any language simply by clicking a button. 

“With Language I/O®, companies can receive outstanding translations for self-help articles, ticket/email responses AND chat,” said Kaarina Kvaavik, co-founder of Language I/O. “Our customers are already seeing tremendous cost reductions by using our existing products. Some of them have seen a more than 40 percent reduction on customer support costs. This would explain why, since launching chat, our business has more than tripled.”

And if trends in communication have anything to say about it, growth will only continue. A LiveChatInc report that looked at customer service data from 2015 to 2016, showed that live chat used by the companies surveyed jumped by a whopping 43.41 percent from 2015 to 2016. This trend is only expected to rise. Companies that choose not to meet their customers on chat, risk a decline in customer satisfaction.

“We use a unique combination of human and machine translation, which is why our translations are both fast and accurate,” Kvaavik said. “We help companies improve their quality of customer support while also reducing their costs. First, we allow customers to answer their own questions by providing outstanding article translations. Second, we allow agents to accurately and quickly respond to emails and chat in the customer’s native language.”

To demo LanguageI/O® Chat or to sign up for a pilot program, contact our sales team at 781-990-1282.