The Benefits of Multilingual Chatbots for Your Workflow Automation

Customers worldwide are embracing chat technology, with 67% of them saying they’ve used a chatbot in the past year, according to a 2020 Invesp survey. The same survey reports 40% of customers said they don’t care whether they talk to a chatbot or a human, as long as they get the help they need. 

Chatbots have a number of benefits that make them popular for both businesses and their consumers. 

  • Chatbots work well for queries with simple or common answers, such as frequently asked questions.
  • They also work well to automate certain marketing tasks like getting requested information to a consumer, adding them to your mailing list, and scheduling meetings.
  • Customers appreciate receiving answers in seconds, rather than waiting on hold for several minutes or longer, or waiting for a reply email.
  • Chatbots don’t need to sleep, so they’re up and answering questions 24/7, providing service in the middle of the night when your agents aren’t working.
  • Customers can use chatbots to perform simple revenue-generating tasks like placing an order or reservation, or paying bills. 
  • Chatbots cut the cost of your customer service operations by handling routine questions, leaving your experienced human agents to help customers with more complex issues. 
  • You save money because you won’t have to hire extra agents to handle increases in customer service issues, whether for special cases like holidays or new product releases, or when your company has more products. 
  • Your agents are happier because they’re spending time helping resolve bigger issues, so they have greater job satisfaction.

Multilingual Chatbots and Workflows.

View of Chatbot with binary code, message and data 3d rendering

Workflows are used to automate your customer service responses, whether it’s a script, email template, or a set of data input screens that your agents go through when responding to calls or emails about certain topics. If you have a question that’s asked a lot, you probably already have a workflow to answer it, to ensure that issues get handled a specific way each time.

It’s precisely this reason that chatbots are ideal for your workflows. When your chatbot follows your workflow, customers get quick answers to their questions, without any extra actions on their part. It’s fast and removes friction for customers, providing a better experience.  A chatbot can also escalate a call quickly to an agent if the query goes beyond the scope of what it’s able to do.

Older chatbots were harder to program for additional languages, creating a lot of work and effort on your part to add all the languages your company supports. But if you only offer support in one language, you’re risking making your customers unhappy, or even losing them.

Fortunately, today it’s much easier to implement multilingual chatbots that offer fast, efficient customer service to your international customers. With Language I/O’s technology, customers have the option to communicate in their preferred language, while the chatbot uses the same workflow that you already have set up for your business’s primary language. Language I/O uses multiple machine translation engines to allow you to implement multiple languages in a short period of time. 

With Language I/O’s multilingual chatbots, you can have a new language up and running in days, instead of waiting weeks or months to program a new language. You only need to have one instance of the workflow, and the chatbot can translate it to other languages. For example, if your workflow is already set up in English, you can use Language I/O to enable Spanish, Portuguese, and French chatbots, or any other languages you need.

A multilingual chatbot lets you provide round-the-clock support for most customer service issues. Even if your agents are only available for certain shifts in certain time zones, your customers around the globe can use the chatbot to receive the same fast response time and accurate responses with fewer manual errors. 

Overall, chatbots offer a consistent, quality customer experience, will save your company money, and help keep your agents happy. They also make it easy to staff up quickly for high volume customer service events, like holiday sales surges, new product launches, or even something like a global pandemic. It makes sense to offer chat as an option to any customer that wants to use it. 

Language I/O can help you get your multilingual chatbots up and running quickly, so you can see the benefits right away. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.