Using Oracle Live Chat to Meet the Needs of Multinational Customers

If you’re using Oracle live chat, and you are not translating those chats into the languages that your customers speak, you’re missing out on business. Seventy-four percent of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language, so it’s imperative that you communicate with your customers in the languages they speak.

Thankfully, Oracle has some great translation options for live chat.

How Does Oracle Live Chat Translation Work?

With Language I/O’s (LIO) technology, an English-speaking agent receives a chat from a non-English speaking customer. Then, our proprietary core technology detects the customer’s language and translates it for the agent. When the agent responds in English, our core technology pulls the most accurate translations from the best machine translation engines in the world and then ensures that any of the jargon, slang and product/industry terms the customer included in their chat is accurately translated.

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Why Use Oracle Live Chat Translation?

When your monolingual agents have more than 100 languages at their fingertips, they can meet your customers where they are. This leads to better KPIs and customer satisfaction, increasing the likelihood that your customer will not only stay, but may also serve as an advocate for your product.

In addition, LIO’s Oracle live chat translation is 100 percent secure. We never store PPI (Personally Identifiable Information), we’re GDPR compliant and ISO:27001 certified.

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