What Generative AI and Large Language Models Mean for Customer Service & Machine Translation

With the meteoric rise of generative AI in recent months, Language I/O has started to receive questions from customers and prospects regarding the role of our machine translation platform in the era of large language models (LLMs). Here’s everything you need to know about the short- and long-term impact of generative AI on machine translation.

Top Priorities for Global Customer Service Leaders in 2023

Economic uncertainty is putting more pressure on brands to maintain excellent customer relationships. Here’s how global customer service leaders will accomplish that in 2023.

How to Reduce Call Volume at Your Multilingual Contact Center

If your organization is struggling to manage global call volumes, here are tips for reducing inbound call numbers without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

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How Real-Time Translation Software Eliminates Customer Service Hiring Headaches

Hiring multilingual customer service agents can be a challenge for businesses; here’s how translation technology alleviates those headaches.

Protecting Your Customer Service Team in an Economic Downturn

If hiring freezes are preventing you from adequately staffing customer support agents, here are tips for protecting both your team and your customer relationships.