FinTech Firm Praises Quality of Language I/O Customer Service and Translations

In 2015, the customer service team at FinTech company, Taulia, was tasked with a challenge: Find a way to provide multilingual customer support to customers. Taulia had recently moved to the Salesforce Service Cloud customer service management (CRM) system and needed to make sure that when its French, German and Spanish speaking customers contacted Taulia for support, the company could respond in any of four languages. Taulia also wanted to be able to scale multilanguage customer support within the organization outside of the core languages it supports.

“There are not a lot of options when it comes to translation tools built right into Salesforce,” said a Taulia manager who worked on the project. “Luckily, Language I/O is very good at it, which is why we went with Language I/O. When it was time to roll out the service, it was very simple to do. The Language I/O team is very hands on.”

While it took agents a minute to get the hang of using a new platform, the implementation of the Language I/O integration was straightforward. 

“The nice thing is that anytime we got stuck, someone that we knew from the Language I/O team was there to hold our hand,” the manager said. “The quality of the translation has also been outstanding.”

Taulia worked closely with Language I/O to also create an industry and company-specific glossary of terms so that nothing would be mistranslated. 

“Before Language I/O when we were doing Google Translate, the construction of the translations wasn’t correct, especially for German,” the manager said. “I remember several instances where German customers would say, ‘This is not a polite translation.’ Yet our support staff who speak the languages we support, said the translations Language I/O provides are high quality.” 

Working in Europe where security standards are strict, Taulia was also impressed with Language I/O’s commitment to client security.