High Quality Translations in Less Time: Product Updates for Zendesk and Oracle

At Language I/O, we have a pinpoint focus on helping global brands reduce the stress and friction associated with supporting their customers. This is why our translation management software integrates directly within the three leading CRMs (Salesforce, Zendesk, and Oracle) or any other platform via API, enabling brands to communicate with their customers in any language directly within the systems they already use. 

Just as our integration partners evolve their products to provide a better user experience, so does Language I/O. Recently, we’ve made two key updates to our products in Zendesk and Oracle, both with the goal of delivering a more seamless experience when supporting multilingual customer bases.

Zendesk New Agent Workspace

Recognizing the opportunity to enhance the user experience for Zendesk users within the new Agent Workspace, we updated the Language I/O interface for both Zendesk Chat Translation and Zendesk Ticket Translation. With this release, users can now access chat and translation features within the same plugin, enabling them to work more efficiently and balance fewer windows to support customers. 

Because the new Agent Workspace features a more compact design that limits the space of integrated apps, our team was challenged to design a user experience that continues to enable our customers to seamlessly access and manage translations. As a result, we implemented translation nesting within the new release. Essentially, after a customer translation is completed, the most recent translation appears at the top of the translation group, with the original message appearing in gray after expanding the translation group and any other translations being positioned above. This allows the agent to view their own language at the top level and to read correspondences in the language of their preference at a glance.

Also in terms of new product enhancements, we introduced unlimited partial translations for each message before a translation is completed in full. Previously, a partial translation or complete translation created a new line within the window, but now generates a separate pop-out to further organize the content.

Lastly, this release includes the ability to redetect the language used by the customer within chats. Now, if a customer switches languages mid-way through the conversation, agents can redetect the language and translate appropriately in order to continue seamless communications.

LIO Article Translation App for Oracle Browser UI

Language I/O’s technology has always integrated seamlessly into the Oracle desktop environment, but now users can access our Answer/Article product through Oracle’s Browser User Interface (BUI) extension as well. This additional point of access allows users to access our translation services from both the desktop and browser versions of Oracle, ensuring that users are never without translations. 

Within the BUI, users can easily manage and translate Answer/Articles into over 150 languages. With one click, users can select and translate one or more Answer/Articles into their desired language, all without leaving the BUI. 

Both of these releases serve to support a more intuitive and streamlined user experience for our customers, who rely on Language I/O to communicate with their global, multilingual customer bases. If you would like to demo our products or learn more about how we take customer service teams from mono-to-multilingual, please reach out.