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Is your office becoming virtual more quickly than you thought? Ours certainly is. Like many of you, since the outbreak of COVID-19, our business has experienced some unexpected twists and turns. Each of the three conferences we had hoped to attend in March have been canceled and our clients have experienced an increase in support […]

How to Improve Customer Service KPIs Without Hiring Additional Agents

There is a world in which customer service managers can forgo hiring additional support agents while also improving overall KPIs without relying on bots. That world is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming. According to the results of a customer survey Language I/O released in December 2018, 72 percent of companies that use Language I/O software forgo hiring additional […]

Two Birds, One Stone: How to Reduce Contact Center Costs AND Improve Customer Service

When it comes to contact center ‘best practices,’ the library runneth over: Hundreds of articles and reports have been written on the practical ways contact centers can reduce operating expenses without sacrificing quality. This is because senior management are typically reluctant to pump money into call centers, seeing them as a cost center and not a […]

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