The Technology-Driven Evolution of Call Centers

Call centers have seen significant changes since their inception, largely driven by technology. Take a look at how they’ve changed over the years, and get insight as to the next big evolution.

Has COVID Changed the Way You’re Thinking About Call Volume?

First, let’s not deny that COVID’s changed just about everything. Next, let’s look at what that means in terms of how customers are reaching out to customer service agents. In this COVID world, organizations have struggled mightily to serve customers over the phone. In large part, this had to do with businesses trying to figure […]

How to Improve Customer Service KPIs Without Hiring Additional Agents

There is a world in which customer service managers can forgo hiring additional support agents while also improving overall KPIs without relying on bots. That world is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming. According to the results of a customer survey Language I/O released in December 2018, 72 percent of companies that use Language I/O software forgo hiring additional […]

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