Pushing the Boundaries of Multilingual Customer Support: Join Us at #LocWorld44

There’s nothing more that we at Language I/O (LIO) like more than pushing the boundaries of multilingual customer service, which is why we are sponsoring LocWorld44.

The event will go from June 8-10 and will feature our CEO Heather Morgan Shoemaker as a speaker.

“This past year presented boundaries that were a new challenge for all of us, with resultant new practices that will become accepted norms,” according to the LocWorld event site. “With new customs and expectations that affect work and business flow. With new and augmented technologies that await our innovative uses. Yes, we have pushed boundaries, but now we are challenged to push all sorts of new boundaries to continue our success.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Shoemaker will present during the Black Box Doesn’t Talk — The Current State of Innovation in the Industry, a discussion on innovation in localization. For more information, click here.