Enhancing Translation Quality for Non-European Languages with Papago

At Language I/O, we strive to bring global enterprises the world’s premier machine translation (MT) technology in a way that is easy to use and deploy. That’s why our multilingual customer support technology aggregates the world’s leading MT engines into one seamless suite of products. By curating the world’s best MT technology, our tools can […]

How Real-Time Translation Software Eliminates Customer Service Hiring Headaches

Hiring multilingual customer service agents can be a challenge for businesses; here’s how translation technology alleviates those headaches.

DeepL vs. Google Translate: How Do They Compare?

DeepL and Google Translate are two widely available translation tools. Here’s how they stack up against one another.

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Considerations of Using Google Translate to Translate Live Chats with Customers

To power multilingual live chats with customers, organizations may be tempted to use Google Translate. Here’s what to consider before making that decision.

The State of Real-Time Chat Translation in Modern Customer Service.

Customers are increasingly expecting brands to provide fast support in their native language. Here are brands’ options for supporting a multilingual customer base.