Rules-Based vs. AI Chatbots: Choosing the Right Chatbot for Your Business

Is an AI chatbot right for your business, or are you better served by one that’s rules-based? Here’s a breakdown of the key differences and how to choose one for your organization.

Common Questions about Conversational AI, Answered

As interest and usage of conversational AI continues to grow, here is a rundown of the must-know facts about the technology.

24 Stats That Prove the Value of Conversational AI in Customer Service

With conversational AI’s impact on customer service expected to increase significantly, here are 24 statistics that help illustrate how and why chatbots are so important for customer service.

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Considerations of Using Google Translate to Translate Live Chats with Customers

To power multilingual live chats with customers, organizations may be tempted to use Google Translate. Here’s what to consider before making that decision.

The State of Real-Time Chat Translation in Modern Customer Service.

Customers are increasingly expecting brands to provide fast support in their native language. Here are brands’ options for supporting a multilingual customer base.