The State of Real-Time Chat Translation in Modern Customer Service.

Customers are increasingly expecting brands to provide fast support in their native language. Here are brands’ options for supporting a multilingual customer base.

AI & Data Privacy Concerns: Does AI Threaten Customer Privacy?

With consumer data privacy concerns and global regulations on the rise, brands are unsure if they can fully employ AI-enabled technology while still protecting customers’ data privacy. Here’s our take.

Why Chatbots Fail—And How To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t

Chatbots can play a highly beneficial role in the customer experience, but only when they’re done right. Here are four pitfalls to avoid when setting up a chatbot.

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Multilingual Chatbots and the Future of Conversational AI

As conversational AI continues to grow, brands must take into account how to deliver excellent service across AI-based support channels such as chatbots—including speaking to customers in their own language.